The Way You Watch TV Has Evolved

An Android powered Kodi TV box is a device designed to be a great entertainment media hub for you and everyone in your home.

Forever changing the way you play, whether it be TV shows, clips, films or games, you'll enjoy "staying in" a LOT more with a well specced Android powered TV box with Kodi.

Moochie Media - always ready to help change the way you bring entertainment into your home!


KODI Media Centre

Kodi installed. The baseline media centre with our UK FTA Build ready to use.

Play Store For All Apps

The place to find all the apps you need from a single addon to a complete media build.

SPMC Media Centre

Semper Media Centre is an alternative to Kodi. Installed for you to add alternative builds.

Our Moochie Box is loaded with the right systems in place to allow customer to easily install the code they need to provide never-ending online entertainment. Whether applications to stream your favourite films and TV series, or software to ensure you see the latest Hollywood blockbusters with just a few taps.
You can easily obtain the add-ons and applications that cover your interests (be they sports, gaming, drama, box sets, films etc) without installing a lot of other stuff you'll not use and takes up space


Moochie Media load their models with JUST the right software. Legal, efficient and designed with the customer in mind.

Installed Software Ready For You

These are all the apps you need to get started - List may change from time to time

Why buy from Moochie Media?

Software - We will always provide the best solutions for you
Support - Our technical support team are on hand to assist and have years of knowledge & experience
High quality components - Cheap devices can feature silicon recovered from rejected devices
Original warranty - Covered by Moochie Media, not a third party

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